The First Weave

Jasmine Porter’s father, John, left his life in Turkey behind when he moved to North America and put down new roots in Canada. More than 40 years later, his first return to his hometown in his adult life became his last adventure and after a summer of reconnecting with friends and family he found his final resting place in Samsun, Turkey.

Following her father’s path, Jasmine visited Turkey for the first time and discovered a community and culture that had unmistakably influenced her own upbringing. During her stay she was introduced to the ancient tradition of handwoven Turkish textiles and inspired to launch Pamuk & Co.

Today, every pamuk is hand-crafted by a small team in Pamukkale Turkey, using antique, restored looms and a process originally reserved for royalty. The results are as unique and distinctive as the method, which is three times as laborious as when done so mechanically.  The final product is made from only organic threads and natural dyes and relies on the craftsmanship of men and women paid living wages.

Each pamuk represents a commitment to mindfulness, from process to production and signifies a meaningful connection to the region of Pamukkale in Denizili Turkey and to the artisans who have carefully crafted it using a century old tradition.

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